corwinprescott: “Ask the Dust”Mexico 2015We crave the moments…


“Ask the Dust”Mexico 2015We crave the moments…,


“Ask the Dust”
Mexico 2015

We crave the moments where all the stress falls off and we can relax and enjoy the intimacy.  I posted the other day about how I don’t really care if people think my work is porn, and its even more true when I get to spend time with Nicole.  

Capturing our intensely private moments, and creating at the same time.  Its almost a sort of magic.  I can feel the same tingle in my chest and spine when I see them as I do when her hands touch me.  I go back to the way the light poured through the windows in Mexico one morning.  Shining down the wall and landing gently on her as she laid there after a swim.

Corwin PrescottNicole VauntFull set part of my Patreon Archive

I’ve followed Corwin’s photography for a while now, and it’s simply stunning work. Recently he’s been shooting more erotic photos, trying to give insight into the intimate lives of couples and how they enjoy their sexuality.
This is Corwin and his wife, who share an intimate moment for the camera.

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